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Are you searching for a professional reverse osmosis plant manufacturer in Perth who can help you transform the quality of your water and filter impurities out? You have come to the right place!

At Iconic Water, we manufacture and install an extensive range of reverse osmosis systems and waste water treatment products. Our reverse osmosis systems are designed and manufactured in Australia and can be installed across the nation. Our mission is to contribute to the communities by ensuring excellent health and quality of the water for future generations. We focus on researching, maintaining, and developing an innovative range of water treatment systems and reverse osmosis systems in Perth. We consistently keep pace with the latest technology and include modern design in our water treatment solutions and reverse osmosis systems. Our team of experts is well-versed with Australia’s water treatment requirements and provides you with high-quality and durable reverse osmosis systems. 


Our goal is to combine technological innovation and primary water treatment requirements, through which we can design optimal and highly functional reverse osmosis systems. We believe in customer satisfaction and strive towards excellence. Our experts ensure that the entire process of designing, installing, and maintaining your reverse osmosis systems is completed on time. We have assisted companies in various industries and applications to understand the importance of optimal water purification through the reverse osmosis process.

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Reverse Osmosis Plant in Perth For High-Quality Water

Reverse osmosis (RO) plants are used to remove salt from water or desalinate. It is one of the preferred processes to treat groundwater having organic and mineral content above the ADWG. RO systems purify groundwater to use as a potable source. When monitored and dosed with chlorine, it allows for safe consumption within the ADWG.

The reverse osmosis process allows you to use water with high salt content for various purposes, including drinking water. Reverse osmosis systems help separate dissolved salts and other impurities from the water and produce high-quality water suitable enough for drinking and on crops or gardens. Such water filtration systems can be used to treat water from various sources such as groundwater and seawater. 

Our well-designed and manufactured reverse osmosis system can eliminate about 95-99% of contaminants and impurities from the water. Besides, these optimal and functional reverse osmosis systems require a minimal amount of maintenance after installation.

At Iconic Water, we offer you well-designed and custom-made RO systems suitable to single households, organisations, or even entire communities! We are one of the leading companies in designing, manufacturing, and installing Reverse Osmosis Treatment units for any quality water supplies. Our RO systems will transform unfiltered and contaminated water from any source into a product suitable for drinking, food manufacturing, and crop irrigation.

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Trusted Reverse Osmosis Plant Manufactures in Perth

Our fully functional and robust reverse osmosis system requires a minimal amount of maintenance after installation. However, we keep in touch with our customers regarding the condition and performance of their reverse osmosis system. We analyse the performance of the reverse osmosis system and monitor every aspect of the system to ensure better efficiency. 

At Iconic Water, we pride ourselves on our high-quality service, maintenance, and complete customer support. As a result, we have established long-term relationships with individuals and experts in various industries who are using our services to this date. Our experts work with you to understand your unique water treatment requirements and recommend the best solution for you. Our RO plants are tested and constructed according to stringent Australian standards, so you obtain the best treatment system.

Being 100% Australian-owned and operated, we know our customers’ needs to obtain the best water treatment solution. For more information on our Reverse Osmosis System or Water Treatment Solutions, call us on +618 9459 6280 or send your queries at today.

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