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Wastewater management plays a pivotal role in building a better and sustainable future. 

Wastewater treatment in Perth helps treat contaminated water filled with grit into suitable drinking water.

At Iconic Water, we supply and install tier-one quality wastewater treatment plants and wastewater pumps throughout Perth. Servicing Perth wide, we can tailor a solution for your wastewater treatment needs. We have been involved in installing commercial and domestic wastewater treatment plants and wastewater pumps throughout Perth. We specialize in the design and construction of wastewater plants. Our professional technicians can help you design, construct, and install wastewater treatment plants according to your needs.

Iconic Water design, supply, and install water treatment systems, including wastewater pump, bore water treatment, water recycle, sewage and wastewater treatment in Perth. 

We understand that everyone has different wastewater treatment needs, and one size does not fit all. Therefore, we work with our clients to understand their requirements and budget to achieve the best design outcome.

We serve customers throughout Perth, providing wastewater services and custom-built wastewater treatment equipment, including wastewater pumps. Our wastewater treatment systems are cost-effective and efficient to install and operate.

Our Services

Supply and Installation

We supply and install wastewater pumps and treatment systems for domestic and commercial applications.


We help you maintain your wastewater treatment plant and ensure it offers optimal performance.

Fault Finding

Our technicians have the expertise to locate any faults in water treatment plants and fix them if required.

Wastesater Treatment plant

Complete Wastewater Treatment in Perth

Iconic Water Solutions can offer you an extensive range of pre-packaged containerised wastewater treatment plants starting from our 10-foot system designed to service 30 people and continuing up to a 40-foot expandable system. Using our mobile shipping containers Tanks, we can create an easily portable and expandable wastewater system with a minimum of on-site work required for installation.

In addition to our class C systems, we can also offer an additional treatment system to bring the final effluent quality up to class B or class A to reuse treated effluent for dust suppression, irrigation, and more.

Class C treatment plants starting at 30ep

Class A treatment plants starting at 30ep

An option between transportable or permanent plants

Cyclonic storage tanks

Sub surface irrigation (dripper lines or leach drain)

Surface irrigation

Sludge drying beds

Regular service schedules

On site evaluations of existing systems

Confined spaces and hazardous area entry

Option of either purchase or rental

Why Consider Our Wastewater Services For Your Wastewater Needs?

We are expert wastewater professionals providing comprehensive wastewater services throughout Perth.

Our wealth of experience and industry knowledge enables us to deliver the best wastewater services.

Our professional technicians will work with you to identify your wastewater management requirements and offer practical, efficient solutions.

We can perform timely maintenance checks on your wastewater system to ensure optimal performance.

We will manage the entire process of installation, repair, or maintenance of your wastewater system.

Our professional and customer-focused approach allows us to tailor robust wastewater systems according to your needs.

Reverse Osmosis, Water & Wastewater Treatment in Perth

Iconic Water is one of the leading companies installing robust reverse osmosis plants, chlorination water treatment systems, Water and Wastewater Treatment, and water filters throughout Perth, Western Australia. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of wastewater management, modern equipment, and best practices. Our expert technicians are with you at every step of the way – from the initial designs to the final construction and ongoing maintenance of wastewater systems. We provide you with a complete water cycle – from Reverse Osmosis Desalination to Sewage Treatment and Wastewater Treatment.

Our expert technicians use innovative and technically proven ideas to identify any water recycling and reclamation challenges. Our wastewater management treatment and solutions are custom made to suit any specific situation and meet required performance criteria. With us, you get an extensive range of water and wastewater treatment solutions and Innovative water treatment technologies. We are one of the leading Australian water treatment providers offering tailored water treatment solutions.

Book a Wastewater Specialist Today

Iconic Water has developed a solid reputation for delivering comprehensive wastewater service and high performing water treatment systems. 

Our years of experience and knowledge enable us to assist our clients with reducing operating costs and extending their equipment life cycles.

For any on-site wastewater management and treatment services in Perth, contact Iconic Water on 1300 557 009 or send your wastewater treatment queries at [email protected]

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