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Buying water purification equipment upfront requires a huge investment. This is not feasible for businesses that only need certain equipment as and when required for different projects and plans. At Iconic Water Solutions, you can now hire our state-of-the-art equipment for all your needs without having to burn a hole in your pocket.

We, at Iconic Water Solutions, will rent out the required equipment to you for a fair price depending on what you are looking for, and what necessities your projects and plans hold. The best part is, that you do not have to follow a certain price range. Short-term and long-term hires will have their separate price range depending on its usage. Packages for different equipment hired together are also available with installation and service costs!

Different types of equipment For Hire

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Our highly experienced staff is cut out to help you with any queries or suggest technicalities if you’re stuck with anything. Our equipment for hire includes:

WasteWater Treatment Plants ​

Avail tier-one quality of wastewater treatment plants with Iconic Water Solutions. Starting from our 10-foot system designed carefully for 30 people, extending to a 40-foot system, we offer a wide range of pre-packaged containerised wastewater treatment plants.

Class C treatment plants

Class A treatment plants

Transportable/ permanent plants

Cyclonic storage tanks

Surface/Subsurface irrigation

Sludge drying beds

Wastesater Treatment plant

Water Treatment Plants

With a complete package from a groundwater source, storage, distribution, and general plumbing, we can design and engineer a water treatment plant according to your needs:

Reverse osmosis units of any size

UV sterilisation

Chlorine disinfection units

Water softener units

Media Filtration

Cartridge and bag filtration units

Portable disinfection skids with integrated storage tanks

Water Distribution Skids

Iconic Water Solutions’ containerised water distribution systems can include systems that incorporate up to 60,000 litres of potable water in a fully mobile 40 ft. container. With our skid mount systems, you can save up on money if your budget is tight by including separate HDPE tanks.

Auto recirculation and dosing

Both supply and install

Units for reverse osmosis

UV sterilisation

Chlorine disinfection units

HDPE tanks

Water softener units

Media filtration

Portable disinfection skids

Pump Stations

Whether you need pump stations for high spec commercial, light industry, or domestic applications, Iconic Water Solutions’ Pump Station Water Solution is at your service. Our pump stations are available with heavy-duty submersible pumps, subsoil drainage, storm water, effluent, and industrial waste. Each pump is installed with an isolation valve and check valve. With HDPE technology, you will gain benefits such as:


Easy To Install

Light weight

Great chemical resistance

Shortened lead times

Reduced costs

Easily transportable

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